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Welcome to the TFS Deployer project homepage, to see what this project is all about please refer to our project description.

Project Description

TFS Deployer was originally released by Readify on the 16th of December 2006. TFS Deployer enables the Team Build's Quality field in Team Foundation Server to be used to trigger a PowerShell script to be executed to automatically deploy a build to multiple environments.

Getting Started With TFS Deployer

The content above has origins from various contributors blogs, articles and general knowledge with the product.
Sources: Mitch Denny, Dave Comfort / Scott Colestock, Jason Stangroome and Donn Felker

TFS 2012 Support

TFSDeployer now has beta support for TFS 2012. Click the link or head on over to list of releases and download it today.

Contributing to TFS Deployer

TFS Deployer source code is now hosted in a Git repository so anyone can clone the source, make changes then submit a pull request for these changes to be included in the official release.

However, before making changes to TFS Deployer please read these articles:
Pull requests that contain changes that align with the direction and coding guidelines for this project will more likely be accepted than those that don't.

Getting Started With PowerShell

Learning PowerShell is beyond the scope of this site, and there is lots of great content out there, for example, if you are new to PowerShell you should check out this resource.

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