TFS Deployer with TFS 2010 using upgrade template in build definitions

Jul 18, 2012 at 8:17 PM

I am evaluating alternatives for automating deployments and TFS deployer is a candidate for this. While I have upgraded to TFS 2010 and team build 2010, I am still using build project files and not work flow based builds, i.e. I am using the upgrade template in the build definitions. Has anyone tried this, or will it require me to move to workflow based builds before I can use TFS deployer? There are obviously other reasons to move to workflow based builds, and I will eventually do so, but it will require a pretty large effort and automatic deployment is a hot and prioritized issue for the moment. 

Jul 18, 2012 at 11:12 PM


TFS Deployer does not care whether you use the UpgradeTemplate or the new DefaultTemplate, or any other templates to perform the build. The path to the template file does matter though:

If your build is using $/YourProject/BuildProcessTemplates/UpgradeTemplate.xaml as the build process template then TFS Deployer will use the path $/YourProject/BuildProcessTemplates/Deployment/DeploymentMappings.xml to locate the TFS Deployer deployment information.

Given that the DefaultTemplate.xaml file and the UpgradeTemplate.xaml file are located in the same folder by default, switching your build to use the other will not impact TFS Deployer at all. If you have copied the current build process template xaml file to a different location in source control (as I often do and recommend) then you will need to do the same when you change templates.

Also, be aware that while the DefaultTemplate encourages you to select a *.sln file to build, it can accept a generic MSBuild script to build just like the UpgradeTemplate does.