Double call on long running deployment

Jan 30, 2009 at 10:44 PM

I have been using TFSDeployer (TFS 2005 TFSDeployer 1.0 (BATA1)) for a couple years now and it has become an integral part of our software release process.  To put into terms, one any given day tfsdeployer scripts run a 100+ times to any of 12 of our environments including production.  To date TFSDeployer has been rock solid, allows us to truly harness the power of powershell for SRM.  Recently, we have integrated our deployment scripts to deploy MOSS 2007 elements (wsp, infopath xsn, etc) and with Red Gates SQL Compare to allow us to easily sync database schemas.  Some of these deployments can take a long time 120+ min.

On to the Issue at hand, any deployment that runs longer than say  30 minutes, the deployer seems to try to run the scripts again.  Therefore I was forced to put locks into my scripts which work but I would perfer not to have to use them. 

Has anybody else had this issue, should I try to put in an offical issue?