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Troubleshooting with the Test-TfsDeployerInstall.ps1 PowerShell script.

Beginning with release 1.2, the TFS Deployer download now includes a script to help diagnose installation and configuration issues. Assuming you have installed TFS Deployer to the recommended location, this script can be found at: C:\Program Files\TfsDeployer\Test-TfsDeployerInstall.ps1 .

The test script attempts to automate many of the diagnostic steps but will does require some manual input and will also suggest additional checks to be performed manually. With each new release, the test script should include more checks and automation.

Executing the Test-TfsDeployerInstall script

  1. Open a PowerShell console. (eg Start, Run, "powershell.exe")
  2. Execute the script by typing an ampersand (&) followed by the full path to the script in quotes. For example: & "C:\Program Files\TfsDeployer\Test-TfsDeployerInstall.ps1"
  3. If you receive the error "File ... cannot be loaded because the execution of scripts is disabled on this system." then you have found you first installation issue. See about_Execution_Policies to change your PowerShell execution policy, then try again from the beginning.
  4. If the test script executes it will proceed to check several aspects of the TFS Deployer installation, terminating on major issues, or continuing with a warning on minor issues or a request to check something manually. The test script will also prompt for additional information it cannot determine automatically so it can perform further checks.
  5. Resolve any issues the script finds, the run it again until no more errors or warnings are displayed.

Understanding the results


  • File not found: ...\TfsDeployer.exe
The test script expects to be run from the same location TFS Deployer is installed. Either the script is in the wrong location or TFS Deployer is missing important files.
  • Windows service not found: TfsDeployer
TFS Deployer has not been installed as a Windows service. Run TfsDeployer.exe -i from an elevated Command Prompt.
  • TfsDeployer service path to executable should be: ...\TfsDeployer.exe
TFS Deployer has been installed as a Windows service but the service is referring to a different instance of TfsDeployer.exe. Uninstall and reinstall the TFS Deployer service.
  • TfsDeployer service startup type should be automatic
The TFS Deployer service is Disabled or configured for Manual startup. Use the Services management console (services.msc) to change the startup type to Automatic.
  • TfsDeployer service should use a dedicated service account
The TFS Deployer service is configured to log on with a built-in account (eg LocalSystem, Network Service, etc). Use the Services management console to set a dedicated local or domain service account.
  • Could not load TeamFoundation assembly
The Team Foundation assemblies are required for TFS Deployer to communicate with TFS. These are installed by installing Team Explorer 2010 or the Team Foundation Components.
  • File not found: ...\TfsDeployer.exe.config
TFS Deployer's configuration file is missing. Check all the files from release download have been installed.
  • Could not find TeamProjectCollectionUri setting in configuration file
The TFS Deployer configuration file does not contain a required setting. Copy the configuration file from the release download again.
  • Could not connect to Project Collection at: ...
The test script could not connect to the Project Collection specified by the TeamProjectCollectionUri setting in the configuration file. Ensure the setting is correct, the server name is resolvable, the firewall does not block access, and the service account is authorized to connect to the Project Collection.



Manual checks


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