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TFS Deployer Events Notification

Hi, When we have Build Quality change in TFS. how the TFS deployer got notified. Can you please explain me. How the TFS server know the TFS deployer detials How TFS deployer get notified H...

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Subcriptions fail under TFS 2015 Update 3

I realise this project is probably not monitored, but I thought I would log this for anyone else experiencing the same issue. Since TFS 2015 Update 3, TFS deployer now fails to start with the fol...

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Hebrew fonts on tfs deployer email

I have a powershell script that contains hebrew fonts (work ok as standalone) $TestText = "טקסט בדיקה" Write-Host "TestText = $TestText when i run it trough tfs deployer i get the mail as follows...

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TFS Deployer is not showing deployment failures

It use to be that TFS Deployer would send an email out with "Failure" in the subject whenever some output from the PowerShell script executing wrote to standard error. We are running the latest ve...

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Deployment Scripts Folder Configurable

I would like to be able to configure where the Deployment Scripts Folder is. See Thanks, Gregg

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Email Notification Status for successful deployment is "Failed"

Hi All, I am getting trouble while I push my app to QA. TFS is deploying it successfully but when I get notification email it's showing status as QA Failed. What you guys suggest?

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TFS Deployer is unable to deploy database using SqlPackage

It seems that TFS Deployer is unable to use SqlPackage to deploy database to SQL Server. PowerShell script is working fine if it is executed directly from command line but it fails when TFS Deplo...

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TFS 2012 Subscription Created with no details

Using TFS Deployer 2012 beta. When subscription is created no alert filters are added as to what its subscribing to.

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No Email Notification for Successful Deploy

Hello, Just configured TFS Deployer with VS2010. Able to trigger via build quality changes, however, email notifications only get sent upon error. Case in point, I had a local user on client box a...

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NotificationAddress cannot be ended with ";"

I've got the error System.ArgumentException: The parameter 'addresses' cannot be an empty string. Parameter name: addresses at System.Net.Mail.MailAddressCollection.Add(String addresses) ...

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