May 19, 2011 at 3:36 PM

Is "computer" required in deploymentmapping.xml?  I have multiple build machines with different names so I would like to use 'computer="*"' but that doesn't seem to work.  I also tried 'computer=""' which fails as does leaving the computer parameter out of the deployment.xml.  Looks like only an exact match to the build machine name will work. 

Event viewer shows:

Mapping evaluation details:

MachineName=CSW7VMTFSB9, MappingComputer=

BuildOldStatus=, BuildNewStatus=Deploy To DEV


Eval results:



May 19, 2011 at 11:53 PM


TFS Deployer currently only supports exact matching on the Computer attribute of the Mapping element in the DeploymentMapping.xml file. For now I can offer two suggestions if you need to execute a deployment script on multiple machines:

  1. Repeat the Mapping element multiple times in your DeploymentMapping.xml file and specify a different value for the Computer attribute for each or ...
  2. Nominate one Deployer Agent as the master, specify its name in the Computer attribute in the Mapping and have the deployment script use PS Remoting to fan-out deployment to the other target machines (this is how I tend to do it)

If you would prefer the Computer did support wildcards or a list machines, please feel free to open a new Feature in the CodePlex Issue Tracker and I'll endeavour to implement it at the next opportunity.